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Editable Wedding Printable Planner

Editable Wedding Printable Planner

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Beautiful Wedding Planner that can be used as is or edited in Canva. You will receive a pdf with the template link and then you'll click where it says wedding planner. If you would like to use it as is then click on the link in the pdf and then download it as is. If you would like to make some changes, then click on the wedding planner link in the pdf and then edit the planner and then download it. 


Wedding Checklist


 Bridal Style







 Photography Checklist

Guest List

 Wedding Party



 Seating Chart


 Registry Tracker

Monthly Calendar




2 Formats Available

The digital wedding planner

Printable wedding planner

 Online wedding planner

Excel Wedding Spreadsheet

Look at the photos to see what is included. You can resell this digital planner as your own.

You can resell it on Shopify, Etsy, Gumroad, Stan & more. The only things you cannot do is resell this as PLR (you can resell this item as your own but you can't resell it to others & let them know that they can resell it as their own) or trademark the item. 

Size: 237.419 W By 307.269 H mm. If you have Canva Pro then you can upload this into Canva and resize it to another size super quick if needed for other platforms. 

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