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PLR Student Notebook

PLR Student Notebook

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Introducing our comprehensive PLR Student Notebook, designed to revolutionize the way students organize their academic journey! This digital gem offers a versatile, customizable solution for note-taking, scheduling, and goal-setting, empowering students to excel in their studies. With its user-friendly interface and printable options, it's the ultimate tool to boost productivity and academic success. Unlock the full potential of your learning experience with our PLR Student Notebook today!

You can completely edit this Notebook in Canva!

Size: 8.5 X 11 inches (US Letter Size)

This can be a printable notebook or it can be used digitally on an iPad or phone using the app Goodnotes.
You can resell this journal as your own. You can resell it on Shopify, Etsy, Gumroad Stan & more. The only things you cannot do is resell this as PLR (you can resell this item as your own but vou can't resell it to others & let them know that they can resell it as their own) or trademark the item.


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