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Social Cheat Sheet 2.0

Workout Printable Planner

Workout Printable Planner

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Workout Printable Planner | Fitness Planner | Undated Planner

Goal journal, goal tracker, daily fitness plan, weekly workout plan, yearly goals, fitness stats, workout logs + much more! Look at the photos to see what is included. You can resell this digital planner as your own.

You can resell it on Shopify, Etsy, Gumroad, Stan & more. The only things you cannot do is resell this as PLR (you can resell this item as your own but you can't resell it to others & let them know that they can resell it as their own) or trademark the item. 

Size: US Letter Size. If you have Canva Pro then you can upload this into Canva and resize it to another size super quick if needed for other platforms. 

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